Concrete Murals have a special adhesive designed to stick to "hard-to-stick" surfaces and low energy surfaces. Parking garages and stadiums are popular places for applications.


Window Perf Film is a great product that you can see out but cannot see in. Ideally used for exterior mounted window advertisements, in store, building or on vehicle windows.


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Interior Murals can be produced out of a variety of media's. Wall-covering (wallpaper) is a construction grade material that is installed with wallpaper adhesive. Designed with several textures and thick material to hide imperfections in the walls.   


Fabric Murals are a great solution for overhead lighting, keeps the glare down. Fabrics come in a wide variety of textures and now manufactured with adhesive on the back for easy installation. 


Flatbed / Substrate Murals are very effective outdoors, when it's hard to install self-adhesive murals. Diabond, PVC (sintra), MDO, and aluminum can be die-cut for special applications. Finished with UV over-laminate makes these long lasting.


Anti-Graffiti Murals have a specially formulated over-laminate designed to protect digitally printed images and signs from a wide variety of stains and chemicals including paints and permanent marker.